As we expand our clinic and services, rates may change at any time. They will always be most current here on our website. 




New Patient Fee


Included is: a comprehensive exam, a full series of X-Rays, and a detailed report with Dr. Greg Payne, D.C. 

Our New Patient Process is comprehensive. Learning new health approaches, meeting a new doctor, and coming into a new office can be an overwhelming experience. Our information page helps remove unnecessary stress to make you feel at home. 


$45 with a Care Plan

What is a Care Plan?

It's a plan put in place to track your progress here at the clinic. It goes over frequency of adjustments, length of time, and check-in points to make sure you're getting the quality of care that you deserve. 

Progress Exam


We do important and comprehensive check-ins so that you can see the result of your health investment. These include: posture pictures, ranges of motion, a postural assessment, and X-Rays if needed. 



In an initial or progress report, Dr. Payne will review your results and explain the next steps in your unique care plan to restore you back health. This can include changes to your spinal correction process, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations.


$20 each / $30 Stress View

We have a new state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine here at AVANT with the most advanced marking software available. 


Exam $50 / Orthotics $400.00 / Foot Lifts $5 per mm

The structural problems of your spine can be influenced by your feet. Dr. Payne pays careful attention to the way you walk and move every time you come into the clinic, and may suggest these if necessary. 


Pricing Varies

Individually customized scoliosis examination and bracing. Price varied dependant on patient requirements and need. 

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Functional Movement Room


Pricing varies

These sessions are prescribed by Dr. Payne and include postural exercises; some of these are conducted with the use of our Powerplate. 


Pricing varies

​To utilize this service you must be an active patient, and have been prescribed a Denneroll (basic or advanced set-up).  

Traction + Rehabilitation

Pricing varies

​Our Functional Movement Room will be open to you during clinic hours. You'll be able to use your prescribed Denneroll (basic or advanced set-up) and perform your postural exercises. 

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AVANT is currently accepting new patients. Please e-mail or phone us if you'd like to book an appointment with Dr. Payne. We will get back to you Monday - Thursday within 24 hours. 

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164 Metcalfe St. Ottawa, ON K2P 1P2

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