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Forward Head Posture


Forward head posture occurs when a person is leaning their head forward, out of neutral alignment with their spine. When the alignment of the head is off, it can cause a variety of problems including stiffness in the neck, pain, and balance issues. Forward head posture can lead to several problems. By putting strain on your neck muscles and loading dozens of extra pounds of pressure on your cervical spine, which can increase the risk of spinal degeneration. The longer forward head posture is continued, the more likely neck pain, stiffness, and other symptoms may develop. 


  • Pain in the neck, upper back, and/ or shoulders

    • Can be located in one specific spot or  general achiness and soreness. 

  • Forward head posture and rounded shoulders 

    • Muscles in the neck, chest, and upper back can become imbalanced and deconditioned due to prolonged forward head posture 

    • This may make it difficult to maintain good posture

  • Reduced mobility

    • Neck, upper back, and shoulders may experience tightness and reduced mobility 

  • Headaches

    • Muscles at the base of the neck can become painful

  • Increased pain when neck flexion

    • Tend to worsen when the neck is flexed forward, such as while looking down and texting

Before & After X-Rays:

Forward Head Posture Improvement Using Traction & Adjusting Techniques:

cervical spine curve correction
forward head posture correction

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