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Dr. Payne has helped many people over his 29-year career. Some patients have come in with a specific goal, like completing an Ironman, and others want to be able to pick up there kids, some want be more mobile to exercise or walk to the grocery store, without pain. After all, life is just better when we are not pain and can function better!

Every person has a different story, a different body, and a different set of goals. Our job is to help you discover what you are capable of! 

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AVANT Chiropractic testimonial


"When I first visited Dr. Payne I had just commenced my triathlon training. I was experiencing lower back pain from spending countless hours sitting at the office. My body was not reacting positively to my newfound desire to pursue endurance training and I feared I would not be able to continue. Dr. Payne was able to immediately help by pointing out corrective actions I can do to improve my posture and core.


Four months after my first visit to the clinic, I completed my first ever triathlon, an Ironman 70.3 in Muskoka. I found Dr. Payne to be knowledgeable, professional and most importantly helpful. Thank you!”

AVANT Chiropractic testimonial


"When I came, I was in a very difficult state. I could not walk properly. I did not know what to do, and my quality of life was becoming less and less. And so I came here.


I was able to have a treatment very, very fast. The first three weeks I did not see too much difference and I was starting to feel more and more anxious, but Dr. Payne explained it to me and showed it to me. He's really professional and I'm able to communicate with him. I was getting better, and improving.


I'm starting my six months now and I'll be coming just once a week and I don't have any pain. I can do mostly all of the things I used to do before. I'm really grateful for all of the services I've had here."

AVANT Chiropractic testimonial


“I've had a history of health problems and injuries including a diagnosis of lupus erythematosus in my 20's, psoriatic arthritis in my 40's, and struck by cars on two separate occasions. These resulted in a great deal of limitation in my mobility as well as being on several different medications for many, many years.

I've been a patient for over 15 years and this has helped me maintain my mobility to the extent that I walk a great deal, year-round. On several occasions I've even walked all the way home from downtown – a 3-hour jaunt! I've also gone off all my medications except one! When I feel a cold coming on, the first place I head is to my chiropractor as he can open up my airways and relieve sinus pressure which precludes me from taking the usual cold/flu over-the-counter medications.”


"I can recall the very first time I called Dr. Payne's office to make an appointment for my terrible backache, sciatica and lots of neck pain.  I was in agony and was very concerned that I won't have any help there either.  How very wrong I was?


Dr. Payne and his staff are wonderful; friendly, compassionate and caring people.  I was checked out and realized that posture had a lot to do with what was wrong, and I was amazed at the way I am now compared to those early days.


I am not just a number in the clinic, I can ask questions and get answers.  My visits are now once a week, and I have improved tremendously from that first time.  Thank you Dr. Payne for your care and encouragement and thanks to your caring staff.  I am so very grateful to you." 

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