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Starting out here at AVANT, Dr. Payne will need to get to know your history, inform you about our practice and review your results before carrying out a first adjustment.


We realize you might be in pain, but this is for all of our safety to know the condition of your back, neck and spine before adjustments begin. Your initial appointment will have two parts.

AVANT Chiropractic

The process at AVANT is very thorough. We want to hear all of your symptoms and help you uncover the 'why' behind these.  

  • Fill out our online patient intake form.

  • Then we'll do a spine and posture analysis. 

  • Dr. Payne will check your ranges of motion, subluxations, and other tests as required. 

  • Specialized X-Rays are taken to determine the structure and alignment of your spine.


Length: 45 minutes approx.

New Chiropractic Patient
Dr. Greg Payne, D.C. adjustig patients

Dr. Payne gets to educate you on the chiropractic industry, and explain his findings from your exam. 

  • You'll come back for a private 1-on-1 report to review your results.

  • A care plan will be written up with an action-plan. These details are as unique and individual as you are.

  • Then it's time for your first adjustment if you'd like!


Length: 30 minutes approx.

We have flexible adjusting time blocks each day with a great no-stress policy here!

  • Choose either our private adjusting room, or an open-concept space.

  • Exercises will be prescribed as needed.

  • See our clinic hours here​​


Length: 15 minutes approx.


AVANT is currently accepting new patients. Please e-mail or phone us if you have any questions before you book an appointment with Dr. Payne. If you are ready to book, click Book a New Patient Time!

164 Metcalfe St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 1P2


Tel: (613) 801 - 2164

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The entire consultation outlined above is $180. This included the administration time and it is broken down into three billable parts, with an official receipt provided. 


$40  Exam 

$100  X-Rays 

$40  Report



$180 Total




We know it can be overwhelming to hear a doctor relay findings about your body, especially if you have never learned about the spine and nervous system before. It can also be a huge sense of relief for those who have been searching for answers. Either way, we just ask that you be open and honest with us. We try to read minds, but our spidey senses are only so good ;)




If you currently seek chiropractic care, this process will still apply as Dr. Payne needs to get to know you just the same. The one exception would be if current X-Rays have been captured. In this case, we can ask for a transfer to our clinic, or you can request a release and bring them in during your first appointment. 

Dr. Greg Payne, D.C. Ottawa Chiropractor adjustig patients