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The New Patient Experience at AVANT is a detailed process that is designed to understand, examine and provide strategies help unlock your health concerns you are wanting to get answers for. We use all our advanced training and experience to provide clear goals and an unique plan of care to help you restore, relieve your pain and foster wellness for years to come. 


AVANT Chiropractic

The process at AVANT is very thorough. We want to hear all of your health concerns and help you uncover the 'why' behind these.  

  • Fill out our online patient intake form.

  • Then we'll do a spine and posture analysis. 

  • Dr. Payne will check your ranges of motion, subluxations, and other tests as required. 

  • Specialized X-Rays are taken to determine the structure and alignment of your spine. (if required)


Length: 45 minutes approx.

Dr Payne evidence based care

You will be introduced to core scientific concepts on chiropractic and how your body works and heals. 

  • This will be a private  1-on-1 report.​​

  • Results of the exam and tests performed on the first visit are explained.

  • A care plan will be written up with an action-plan. These details are as unique and individual as you are.

Length: 30 minutes approx.

Dr Payne adjusting patients

If you are a good fit for chiropractic care, we carry out your unique plan of care.

  • Safe and caring environment.

  • We have flexible adjusting time blocks each day with a great no-stress policy.

  • Exercises and unique spinal traction will be prescribed as needed.

  • See our clinic hours here​​


Length: 15 minutes approx.


AVANT is currently accepting new patients. Please e-mail or phone us if you have any questions before you book an appointment with Dr. Payne. If you are ready to book, click Book a New Patient Time or fill out this form -->

and we will connect with you.

164 Metcalfe St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 1P2

Tel: (613) 801 - 2164

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