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Trusted resources to help you set up your home office:






Considerations for a better ergonomic setup:

  • Wireless mouse keyboard

  • Wireless earphones

  • Document holder 


Also, as a patient at AVANT, Dr. Payne is able to do an ergonomic assessment of your work set up at home. 


The results will give my suggestions for your workstation at home and potential exercises and stretches for you! 


For existing AVANT patients, this is a value-added no charge service and the steps to receive this assessment are as follows:

  1. Send your request to

  2. Within a day or so, you will receive an invitation to RemoteScreen, our assessment program. It is HIIPA compliant and secure.

  3. This works on both android and iOS devices.

  4. Follow instructions on your phone or tablet

  5. Take a side view picture of you at your workstation.

  6. Upload the picture.


If you are new to AVANT and want an assessment there is a fee of $75.

Follow the same steps as above and add:

  1. Front and both side views of you standing in addition to the side view of you at your workstation. You will just need to follow the detailed instructions in the app. 

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